About us

  • With a new approach in concept engineering, Xeedcom can improve technical systems efficiency. 
  • Based on decades of experience and expertise, Xeedcom can help their customers to save not only costs but to speed up the creation of new and innovative technical concepts leading to savings often at multiple sides as reduced manufacturing costs, energy savings and gaining additional, new functions at the same time. 
  • Upon requirements, Xeedcom will cooperate with a wide network of specialists and highly competitive companies to deliver the best return on investment for the customers. 
  • Xeedcom Engineering can act very fast due to agile processes.
Xeedcom, your partner for innovation.

Xeedcom GmbH
Aeschstr. 2b
8127 Forchinfo 
info [at] xeedcom.com
Iban: CH20 0840 1000 0707 3487 9